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Uhrenholt has a long tradition and vast experience within sales of food products B2B and B2C. Reliability, tailored solutions and the ability to spot and seize opportunities together with our partners and customers have made Uhrenholt a preferred business partner for many years.

Our business areas include retail, foodservice, wholesale and industrial products on a global scale.
We also have more than 30 years of experience within trading in milk powder and operate as a distributor for strong food brand partners in Russia.


We are passionate about food and real, nutritious and flavourful products.

Emborg® is both our retail and foodservice brand and covers dairy products, meat and frozen vegetables. Founded in 1947, Emborg is now marketed in over 84 countries across the world. The signature Emborg packaging in royal purple has strong consumer appeal and is easily recognisable in supermarkets and retail counters. With its unique ”Affordable Premium” positioning, Emborg has a promising retail brand presence and is a key player in the Middle Eastern, African and Asian markets today.

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Product and price solutions for optimising foodservice businesses. 

Our experience in cost optimising and tailored product solutions for bakery and fast food chains is quite extensive. We currently supply more than 250 different QSR chains and Casual Dining restaurants across Asia and the Middle East.

We also cater to HORECA businesses and institutional services, offering a wide range of products for mainstream, specialised and high-end needs. In addition, we offer staff training and assistance with menu concepts. Our foodservice customers enjoy one point of contact and guaranteed availability and delivery.

Emborg Professional is our commercial platform with a wide range of food solutions for the foodservice industry. We have a unique, market-driven production setup that allows us to source products from around the world. Please visit our separate Emborg Professional website to learn more about how we can provide you with the right products, sizes, prices, selections and tastes that will optimise not only your product, but also increase your profits and improve your workflow.



Trusted and long-term private label supplier to leading retail chains in Europe. 

Uhrenholt has the expertise to locally source and consolidate lucrative private label products for wholesale. Combined with an advanced logistical set-up, we are able to deliver everything from the smallest order to full truck loads – all on competitive terms.

We are always open to new opportunities and we gladly follow our partners into new areas of business that add mutual, sustainable value.

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For the food industry, we supply a full range of dairy ingredients such as various forms of milk powder, whey powder, casein, lactose, protein concentrates, butter and cheese products. We have more than 30 years of experience trading in dairy bulk products under many brand names, including our leading brands Amigo and Mon Ami, and we constantly explore new possibilities to enhance our ingredients range. Our customers include industry players within the ice cream, bakery, confectionery, drinks and infant formula industries. All our ingredients are produced to the highest standards and full specifications and quality control measures are available upon request.

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Industrial Cheese

We have detailed product and market knowledge and through a wide net of global partners we secure a mixed range of first and second grade cheese products for the industry. We have our own cleaning, packing and unpacking station where we neutralise branded products such as surplus stocks and shop returns. We are able to clean and cut various cheese products and re-pack in 10-15 kg vacuum bags according to customer needs. Flexible solutions come from our long term partnerships that we have built over the decades. Thanks to these partnerships, we can ensure a reliable supply of cheese and butter to manufacturers of cheese powder, processed, sliced and shredded cheese as well as ready meals.

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Distributing strong food brands in Russia.

In addition to selling and distributing Uhrenholt's own brands in Russia, we also operate as a distributor for strong partners, including Delifrance, Unilever, Nestlé, Heinz, Arla and McCain.

We have our own state-of-the-art, technically advanced warehouse facilities with a capacity of more than 13,000 pallets. On a daily basis, we deliver over 2,000 different products and services to more than 300 customers in Moscow alone.

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