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Emborg takes real pride in quality. A delicious meal starts with natural ingredients. We select our ingredients based on where they have the best conditions. With expertise and passion, we make sure that our quality meets the consumers’ requirements for real taste.


Emborg was founded in 1947 and back then the product portfolio included beef burgers, steaks, poultry and canned seafood.


In the 1980’s the product portfolio was extended with frozen vegetables and chicken franks – which became a huge success in the Middle East.


Today Emborg is marketed in more than 84 countries across the world and has established a solid position representing more than 300 different products globally within the seafood, frozen vegetable, meat and dairy categories. Emborg is sold both in retail and foodservice.

Emborg Vision

We live and act out the Emborg brand all over the world. We recognise and value our responsibility as a supplier to modern families for everyday lives. We simplify the daily dilemma of idealism versus realism when deciding on food products. We are the obvious choice to please everyone in the family, without compromising on quality, taste and selection. We make dinnertime delicious, enjoyable and healthy for the whole family.

We make it easy for Mom to prepare delightful meals. But we also enable Mom to make family life enjoyable. With our high quality and expertise in selecting and processing natural ingredients, we enable families to serve delicious meals. Mom is able to nourish her family, and her children willingly eat healthy, nutritious meals, because they can relate to the Emborg brand and its values. This enables the entire family to spend quality time together.

Emborg Vision

Emborg Brand Film

We have developed a brand video to represent and illustrate our values, our passion and the product solutions that we offer. Our brand message is simple and clear: We want Moms all around the world to know that Emborg recognises their values, hard work and the incredible dedication of being a Mom.

Theme: ”Gone Mom”

A family wakes up on a normal weekday only to find that the Mom, being the person responsible for maintaining the structure of the household, is not there. The morning is ”destructive”, as Dad takes upon himself to start the family day.

In a very light and comic fashion the Dad, Daughter and Son are caught in a sequence of blundering events trying to start their day to the best of their ability. When things are on the verge of spiralling out of control, Mom makes her return from shopping and saves the day with nutritious and healthy products from Emborg.

Please enjoy…

Superbrand 5 Years in a Row

Emborg has been a well-known premium brand in the United Arabic Emirates for decades and was in 2001 awarded the status of Superbrand for the first time. The Superbrands organisation is acknowledged worldwide for being an independent authority and arbiter of branding excellence. Superbrands are committed to paying tribute to exceptional brands and promoting the discipline of branding.

In 2011, Emborg was again awarded the prestigious status of Superbrand. The recognition continued in the years 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. With pride, we can now say that Emborg has retained Superbrand status five years in a row. In cooperation with the Superbrands organisation, we have chosen to be represented in the Superbrands Book as well as video animation.
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