Emborg Power Panda

Emborg Power Panda is a sub-brand of Emborg – sharing the Emborg Brand Essence.
Emborg Power Panda products are developed to offer children nutritious-rich food in a fun way.

The Assortment

We have a wide variety of products within the Power Panda range:

  • Power Panda Slices 100g
  • Power Panda Slices 200g
  • Power Panda Slices 400g
  • Power Panda Bites 140g
  • Power Panda Cheese Poppers 72g
  • Power Panda Snack Cheese 100g
  • Power Panda Full Cream Milk 200ml
The Assortment

Mild and creamy taste
Emborg Power Panda Cheeses are specially made for Children - all soft and with a mild, creamy flavour. All the different types of cheeses are fun to eat. They are perfect for the lunch box, a quick sandwich or as a healthy snack.

Power Panda full cream milk 200 ml
Emborg Power Panda UHT Milk is a Full Cream milk that is made from fresh European cow’s milk with no additives. This milk is a central supplement to a complete and balanced diet. The UHT treatment ensures that the nutritious capabilities are retained and is thereby a high source of vitamins and calcium. 

Nutritious-rich Food for Children

The Power Panda cheeses are made from European milk and contains Calcium, Vitamin A&D, Iron and Proteins, which are all important nutrients.
Vitamin A strengthens vision and supports the immune system. Vitamin D assists in the absorption of calcium, which makes it an important part of bone growth.
Iron transports oxygen to the brain and thereby optimises children’s learning abilities.
Calcium is the most plentiful mineral in the body. It develops and maintains a strong bone structure and strong teeth. Calcium is especially important for children as their bones are constantly growing and a steady supply of calcium is needed to support healthy growth.
Proteins are the building block for the muscles and improve both the immune system and brain function.

Power Panda Personality

Emborg Power Panda is a cute little fellow and a really good friend. He lives at home with his parents and his little Sister, he goes to school, plays with his friends and sometimes he makes fun and plays tricks.

When Power Panda eats Emborg food, he gets super powers and becomes strong and energetic. A read cape and mask appears and he gets an Emborg “E” on his tummy.

Power Panda uses Emborg food to get his super powers. He uses the energy he gets from his super powers to obtain a bright view on life. He lives by the simple basic rule to be helpful and cheerful – maybe also a bit cheeky but never in a hurtful way.

Power Panda’s super powers can only be seen by children and cannot be seen by adults.


Power Panda Personality

Power Panda Animation
"The School Bus"

In this video you see Panda and his classmates on their way to school. The school bus brakes down – so Panda comes to the rescue by transforming into Power Panda.

By eating a piece of Emborg cheese – Panda gets his super powers, which he uses to lift up the bus to help his friends to school on time.

We hope you enjoy our cartoon video – with our super hero Power Panda.

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