Emborg Professional is the Commercial Concept for our Foodservice Business

Optimising Your Business

Emborg Professional offers a wide range of food solutions for optimisation within foodservice. We cater to all partners whether hotels, restaurants, bakery stores and fast food chains as well as public institutions, airline and ship catering. We have a unique, need-driven production set-up, which allows us to source food products from around the world.

This flexibility means we can provide you with the right products, sizes, prices, selections and taste that let you optimise your product, increase your profits and improve your workflow – the hallmarks of an agile, prosperous business.

Our experience in cost optimising and tailored solutions for bakery and fast food chains is quite extensive. We currently supply more than 250 different QSR chains and Casual Dining restaurants across Asia and the Middle East and well as a number of chains and institutional services in Europe. 

Watch the video and learn more about how we can Optimise Your Business!

Optimising Your Business
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Let our Foodservice Website Inspire You

We have developed a website purely for our foodservice customers. Content is partly provided by our corporate chefs, who have developed many delicious recipes using a wide variety of our dairy products. The recipes are accompanied by inspiring photos, tips and tricks. 

The website also contains product information as well as leaflets and videos on specific product applications. Visit our foodservice website and let us help you Optimise Your Business.



Visit our Foodservice Website

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