Meet the Employees

We are proud to be a diverse workforce of more than 20 different nationalities.
Meet some of our employees from our in-market sales and corporate functions.

Søren Holm Lucassen

Area Sales Manager

Søren Holm Lucassen is our man on a mission to spread the organic message. He is passionate about this business area and sees great potential for all parties. Says Søren “The organic market is attractive, not only in support of sustainability, but because customers are less price sensitive. It is also a pleasure working with organic suppliers, who are extremely ideological and have a different approach to things”.  

Sasa Milavic

Sales Manager, Global Commodities

Diversity is an important trademark of Uhrenholt. With over 20 nationalities employed, we value what a multi-cultural environment brings to the business of understanding the needs of our customers. Sasa Milavic is a prime example hereof. With a Bosnian back-ground, he understands the ingrained social and value systems that characterise many Eastern European and Asian countries. He navigates subtle cultural differences and socializes like a local. Sasa especially enjoys doing business in China, where his skill set is put to the test. 

Bjarne Ravn Schmidt 

Director, Americas

Bjarne is responsible for the Americas region covering both North and South America. His interest for the Americas dates back to 1995, and he has been able to follow his passion for the region throughout his 20-year career at Uhrenholt. He started out purchasing milk powder from South America and as the market grew he pursued a 4 year posting in Argentina, where he learnt fluent Spanish, gained valuable market experience and built up a vast network of contacts that he exploits to this day. Now his focus has changed to sales and overcoming trade barriers that protect most markets in the region. 

Michael Tuxen

Regional Foodservice Director

Michael Tuxen is Uhrenholt’s “Mr. Foodservice”. As Regional Foodservice Director, he oversees the business in Asia, but also consults colleagues in other regions. Selling to foodservice is an art and differs to retail through service and solutions. It is important to understand customer needs and offer solutions to their challenges be it related to product properties, application or recipe inspiration, minimum order quantities and more. Foodservice is a complicated, but fruitful playing field. Learn more at

Sabine Behrendt Larsen

Head of Sales Coordinators, Aalborg office

Sabine has been with the company for 14 years. Supply chain is her field and she is hard core at Excel and Axapta. She aspires for her sales coordinators to excel at their work and perform at their very best. Therefore, her main priority is to ensure that processes are streamlined and free from unnecessary complexity and duplication. Sabine has full confidence in her team, because she says “they are the experts”. Teamwork and communication is essential when you have work to do and deadlines to meet. 

Louise Olsbæk


Our in-house accountant Louise Olsbæk is one of our VAT specialists - she revels in numbers and VAT rules! Louise never declines a challenge, which is why she was given the task of VAT reporting. She prepares VAT documents for subsidiaries in over 8 countries. Local rules and regulations are demanding, not least language barriers when submitting online. Louise finds a way around difficulties, whether obtaining help from experts or befriending local tax authorities.

Sussi Klitgaard Blicher
Advisor, Group Quality Assurance

"No two days are the same in Group Quality Assurance, where we assist with approval of products and suppliers, registration of our products in the various markets, handling of claims and much more. We have many contact points covering customers, suppliers, legislative authorities, certifying agencies, interest groups, etc. As such we influence many aspects of the Uhrenholt business and I enjoy contributing to the process – especially when we are able to find solutions to problems for the good of both customers, suppliers and Uhrenholt".


Stefano Vitale Hansen,

Sales Manager, Americas

"Working as a Sales Manager at Uhrenholt is a dynamic job with lots of challenges and a high degree of freedom. It is highly motivating to travel and explore new business opportunities for the company and work together with many interesting people in different cultures. By working at Uhrenholt, I am continuously developing both my working and personal competences, and I am always challenged in a good way. Apart from this, Uhrenholt is a company with many great colleagues, who all have a very professional approach to their work."

Nils Jørgen Sehested,

Senior Vice President, Middle East & Africa

"If you do not have passion and a burning desire to win, you can be sure somebody will get there before you… In Uhrenholt, we have the freedom to deliver on namely this – so therefore we get there before most."


Marianne Andersen
Head of Sales Coordinators, Region Europe

As Head of Sales Coordinators it is my role to ensure that our sales processing runs smoothly and that the workload is evenly distributed among sales coordinators. I assist where needed and help implement new and more efficient ways of working in order to maintain speed and flexibility – and keep everyone happy! I am constantly challenged and able to develop my leadership skills. But for me the most gratifying part of my job is collaboration and contact to the many different parts of this extensive and versatile organisation. 

Jørgen Jeppe Hansen

Director, Logistics and Transportation

"Handling the transport and logistics in a global company like Uhrenholt is exciting, developing and challenging at the same time, and shipments between the huge number of countries that we serve, demands for control of the situation."

Joakim Lavgesen

Junior Area Sales Manager

“I have had the privilege of developing my career at Uhrenholt by initially attending the trainee programme and continuing on as a Junior Area Sales Manager. In general, there is a very hands-on approach and valuable “learning by doing” experiences. I appreciate a good balance between working independently and being part of a team of experienced colleagues from whom I can learn. My assignments are varied and I enjoy having contact to business partners around the world as well as the occasional business trip.” 


Christina Lyse Jelsgaard,

Sales Coordinator

"As Sales Coordinator at Uhrenholt in Denmark I am part of a strong organisation and privileged to be working in a global team with passionate colleagues. My responsibilities vary across the organization on the global market and therefore I have a strong relationship with customers and suppliers. 
Uhrenholt operates in a constantly changing market, which makes my everyday life full of exciting challenges in a high speeding work environment."

Camilla Bøving Hansen
Area Sales Manager

"I started out at Uhrenholt as a Sales Trainee and have progressed to my current role as Area Sales Manager responsible for selected European markets. As I have got the chance to study on the side, it is a great combination of schooling and practical assignments that has and still develops me as a sales person. As Sales Manager we have a very wide exposure to everything from procurement, quality, marketing and sales development, which provides a very varied work day with many different tasks, all in close cooperation with colleagues and clients. We also collaborate cross-markets and there is a great sense of teamwork and knowledge-sharing all around - Uhrenholt is a truly global company with an exciting mix of people and cultures". 

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