Uhrenholt is a proud supplier of delicious vegetables. Through our wide assortment, we have a focus on providing the very best in every bag of Emborg Frozen Vegetables.

Traditional & Exotic Vegetables

We offer a range of classic vegetables individually quick-frozen, for example peas, peas & carrots, sweet corn, beans and mixed vegetables. In addition, we have an exciting range of different vegetable mixes, grilled vegetables, and breaded onion rings.


French Fries

Our french fries are available in two different thicknesses – straight cut 10 x 10 mm and shoe string 7 x 7 mm as well as in various lengths and grades (a, b, c). We also offer the popular crinkel cut version.

From Harvest to Frozen within Hours

Emborg fresh frozen vegetables have since the launch in the 1980s been preferred by consumers due to their premium quality. In order to ensure the best quality, the vegetables are quick frozen, which is a freezing method where extremely low temperature enables the freezing time to take only a few minutes.

Emborg fresh frozen vegetables are selected from farming areas where they have the best growing conditions. The crops are frequently quality controlled in regards to seeding, crop treatment and harvest time. They are frozen within hours after harvest to ensure that vitamins, minerals, and the taste are retained exactly as in the freshly harvested vegetables.

This is how we ensure Real Taste.


From Harvest to Frozen within Hours

Emborg Fresh Frozen

Enjoy the real taste of fresh and crispy vegetables - directly from your freezer. Emborg Fresh Frozen vegetables are selected from European farming areas with the best growing conditions. They are peeled, washed, rinsed and frozen within hours after harvest to retain the real taste and nutrients. Watch this TVC and Bring the Real Taste Home.

Please enjoy…

Brian Østergaard
"For inquiries on our vegetable assortment"
Brian Østergaard Strategic Purchase Manager +45 64 212 249

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