Your one-stop Dairy solutions provider

We harness the unique synergies and competitive advantage between our Retail and Foodservice business areas. Our flexibility means we provide tailored products, sizes, prices, selections and taste, which allows businesses to optimise menus, increase profits and improve workflows – the hallmarks of an agile, prosperous business.

With Friendship® products targeting value for money and everyday quality of, through to the affordable premium quality of Emborg Professional®, we have a product range solution for every need.

Cost optimised and tailored solutions

We understand that Bakery, HORECA, QSR, and Catering professionals need reliable products that reflect individual business needs. Combining expertise and successful research and development, we constantly work to offer new, innovative solutions that reflect unique business needs, consumer trends and changing foodservice demands worldwide.


Our Premium Selection delivers innovative products and solutions while keeping food costs acceptable. We are able to offer low-volume, high-quality products sourced from origin.


Our tailor-made solutions are customised to meet your particular business needs. We collaborate with our production partners to ensure your requirements are met.


Our Standard Range offers a convenient supply source for everyday needs at competitive prices. We follow the latest food trends and bring you the best ideas for easy, cost-effective implementation.

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