In 2002 Uhrenholt bought Grøndal Dairy. Today, Grøndal employes approx. 30 people.

Grøndal has a production capacity of approx. 5000 tons per year. The majority of the milk for the production at Grøndal is collected from local farmers.

The main production at Grøndal Dairy is yellow cheese like Fontal and Havarti, which are produced in different sizes and with different flavours. 

The cheeses from Grøndal Dairy are sold all over the world mainly branded in the Uhrenholt brand Friendship.

The Grøndal Dairy Cheeses

Grøndal produces yellow cheese in different varieties and with different flavours.


Danish Fontal is a semi-hard cheese with an aromatic smell and taste.


Condita is a matured cheese with a rich piquant flavor.


Havarti is produced natural and with flavours like pikant, dill and jalapeno.


The Samsø cheese has a mild and butter like taste.

Award Winning Cheeses

Many of the cheeses from Grøndal Dairy have several times won medals at the Scandinavian Dairy Exhibition.

Pictured are two representatives from Grøndal Dairy, Ole Brander and Grietje Weitkamp, receiving a gold medal for the Havarti 55+ at the International FOOD Contest in Herning, Denmark, 2014. 

Congratulations to the team at Grøndal Dairy. 


ISO 22000 Projects at Grøndal Dairy

During 2011 it was decided that Grøndal should aim for certification in accordance with ISO 22000.

The purpose of this was to:

  • Get the highest standard on the food safety assurance programe
  • Upgrade the whole organisation with knowledge and awareness on food safety
  • Signal that our Management System to control food safety is in place and up to date
  • Ensure an ongoing focus internally on continuous improvements

In June 2012, Grøndal Dairy was awarded the ISO 22000-2005 certificate with the underlying programmes: PAS 220:2008 and FSSC 22000. All employees have been trained in ISO 22000 and through continuous self-audits, knowledge and awareness is maintained throughout the organisation. The goal is that all employees over time are able to accomplish such audits and thus strengthen the daily effort to maintain the highest food safety assurance and product quality.