Our Values Are Part of Our DNA

Uhrenholt’s corporate values are part of who we are. They serve as a compass for our actions and daily work, and we strive to follow them in everything we do.


We value partnership and win-win solutions in everything we do – when we develop great products, provide service to our customers and work together with suppliers. Our goal is to create an environment where we are inspired to perform our very best together.


Our business is based on long-term partnerships with customers and suppliers around the world. We strive to add value in our partnerships by continuously exploring new opportunities and by working together to create mutual sustainable value.


Professionalism and commercial excellence is the foundation for our behaviour internally and externally. We deliver results through strong solutions for our customers and our organisation.


We are passionate about food and enjoy an exciting and dynamic atmosphere in our daily work. Our enthusiasm is reflected in our way of working with markets, products, partners and colleagues.

 Sune Uhrenholt

“Uhrenholt’s position in the food business is built on our strong heritage in trade. Since 2008, Uhrenholt has expanded its retail position and is today a business built on both branded consumer goods and industrial raw materials. Our entire business is focused on customer needs and is not limited by physical production capabilities or readily available raw materials. In other words: We are not a manufacturer, we are a market-driven food solutions provider".

Sune Uhrenholt President and CEO, Uhrenholt A/S

Our Purpose: Partnership for Growth

We promote partnerships and strive to make it easy, fast and efficient to provide affordable and attractive food solutions. We are able to do so, because we are independent, market-driven and have strong partnerships.

Diversity is Our Strength

Diversity has always been an important trademark of Uhrenholt. We want to reflect the variety in society in terms of culture and way of thinking, and we are proud to be a diverse workforce of 21 different nationalities, represented in more than 20 countries.

We carefully use our employees’ distinct experiences and backgrounds to better understand the needs of global customers, drive innovation and enhance employee engagement. As a result, our partners, customers and consumers experience a high level of service and local insight wherever in the world we may do business together.
Morten Staal Jonassen

“People are different, cultures are different. You have to listen carefully to what the consumer needs, and how they want it. Our first step is always to gain a full understanding of our customers and their cultural taste and demands before we provide them with tailored food solutions for their local market".

Morten Staal Jonassen Senior Vice President, Asia

Corporate Social Responsibility

We work continuously to create a culture where everyone feels welcomed, valued, respected and empowered, and our CSR work is structured in accordance with the framework and principles of the UN Global Compact. This means that we have committed ourselves to report on improvements and we have chosen to focus especially on the following four areas: 
•    Human Rights
•    Labour
•    Environment
•    Anti-Corruption 

Read our Corporate Social Responsibility report 2020 here 

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Corporate Social Responsibility