Danish export to Canada

Danish companies were represented to promote Danish export and trade

After years of negotiations, Danish companies were represented in Toronto and Ottawa from Tuesday the 16th, September 2014, to promote Danish export and trade due to a long-awaited trade agreement between Canada and EU (FTA). This trade is expected to start up in the beginning of 2016.
The purpose of this event was to increase the Danish export to Canada by a huge Danish representation including 80 Danish companies, the Danish Trade and Development Minister Mogens Jensen and the Danish Crown Prince couple. 
The following 4 business areas was represented: Taste; Green Building; Living; and Health and Style. Uhrenholt was represented at this event, participating in small trade shows;  with a general presentation of Uhrenholt and serving cheese tastings to the Danish Crown Prince couple. 
All the big Danish retailers were representated at this event, where discussions and knowledge sharing was in focus. Uhrenholt was in the spot light, as the top retailer from Loblaws invited for the Grand Dinner at the Uhrenholt table.
The Danish export to Canada is estimated to 8 billion dollars annually, which is not much compared to other trading areas. In fact, Canada is only the 24th largest export market. However, due to this "Free Trade Agreement" (FTA) an affect on export is expected with an increase of approximately 30 percent.
No doubt, this was a fantastic event, which will benefit our further progress in the Canadian market.
Danish companies were represented to promote Danish export and trade

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