Emborg Brand Movie

This brand video represents and illustrates our values, our passion and the product solutions that we offer.
Our brand message is simple and clear: ”We want Moms all around the world to know that Emborg recognises their values, hard work and the incredible dedication of being a Mom.

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Theme "Gone mom"

A family wakes up on a normal weekday only to find that the Mom, being the person responsible for maintaining the structure of the household, is not there. The morning is ”destructive”, as Dad takes upon himself to start the family day.

In a very light and comedic fashion the Dad, Daughter and Son are caught in a sequence of blundering events trying to start their day to the best of their ability. When things, finally on the verge of spiralling out of control, Mom makes her return from the shop and saves the day with nutritious and healthy products from Emborg.

Please enjoy…

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