Health week at Head Office

To inspire all employees to stayhealthy and have a healthy life-work balance the previous week has been health week at Head Office.
Many different initiatives have been taken to encourage and inspire to healthy food, exercise and well-being.

Count your steps

Monday all employees were given a step counter and was encouraged to wear it all week. 10000 steps per day was set as a reachable goal to reach in the step-by-step competition.

On Friday the winner of the step-by-step competition was found. Accountant Louise Olsbæk won with a total of 108395 steps in 4 ½ days.

In total all participating employees walked approx. 2 mill. steps during the week. 

Count your steps


Lunch was replaced by a walk-and-eat event. Tuesday and Thursday lunch was served in a lunch box. The lunch box contained very delicious food and drinks and smaller healthy snacks.

Our beautiful surroundings invites to a nice walk and employees went for a walk with their lunch boxes. They found a bench by the sea where whey sat down and enjoyed their lunch.


Delicious and healthy food

At Uhrenholt breakfast and lunch is normally prepared everyday by professional chefs and kitchen staff. The health week was no exception.


The daily breakfast and lunch buffets have all week been filled with delicious, healthy food and drinks. Afternoon snacks like homemade müsli bars, fruit, cranberry and carrot juice have been served.



Every morning dyring health week a team of employees have taken us through a 5 minute morning gym program.

In the afternoon running events and bike trips have been arranged.

Wednesday was boycott the chair day. In the morning when all employees came to their desks, they were all in a stand-up-position, encouraging to stand up.  


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