Uhrenholt Russia Official supplier during FINA World Swimming Championship in Kazan

Uhrenholt was commissioned to partner with Tatinter Restaurants as one of the official food suppliers for the FINA World Swimming championship in Kazan which took place between 24 July to 09 August 2015.

Recognized for the work we did during the Winter Olympics and Formula 1 in Sochi during 2014, the company was an easy choice to make sure that the athletes and visitors alike were well catered for.  And, as has become the norm during these international events, this project was not without its challenges.

Due to Kazan's unique location in Russia, more than 800 kms from Moscow and 1,500 kms from St. Petersburg, the FINA Swimming Championship 2015 posed some specific issues for Uhrenholt’s team to overcome, not only in terms of logistics, but importantly, the city has a high population of Muslim inhabitants, which meant we had to source a large number of Halal products to offer in the food selection.

The menu was indeed multi-cultural, spanning many corners of the globe - Europe, Russia including Tatar and Asia - while catering for high dietary specifications demanded of Halal, Kosher, lactose and gluten free.  As our customers have come to expect of us, Uhrenholt’s assortment met with every request. Our product specification included 60 SKUs from all major product categories.  We brought lamb from New Zealand, seafood from Thailand, meat, Halal, lactose and gluten free products from Russia, vegetables from China and berries from Serbia.

In the end, Uhrenholt did not disappoint and once again proved that we are the best choice to make sure an international event will go to plan and the only thing the organizers need to worry about is who will take the gold.