Emborg Revitalisation

We are proud to present our new Emborg logo and the redesign of our Emborg packaging. We have made the transition with the intent to further develop the preference for our brand and products and to stay relevant to our customers – keeping a modern look and feel. The transition is done in a balanced way ensuring that consumers will still be able to recognise us as their Emborg brand – just with a more updated and modern look.

New Emborg Logo

The new logo is still easy to recognise. We have kept all the existing colours: red, white and blue. The aim has been to get a better integrated logo on the packaging and a more balanced design with a centered element. It has been important for us to link Emborg to Uhrenholt – both the logo and our history of being a family-owned brand. Finally, we have added ‘Since 1947’ to communicate the story of the Emborg brand as a strong and trustworthy quality brand.

The Emborg Packaging

We have fine-tuned every element and every component of the Emborg packaging, and each change has a reason behind it. The purple colour has been updated with the gradient removed to give a more modern expression. We are also introducing a new font, which is both rigorous and round and takes up more space. Used in capital letters, it also makes the name of the product stand out in-store and helps consumers to navigate.

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