The 2019 Uhrenholt Christmas Donation

If you visit Uhrenholt HQ around Christmas, you will notice that we really love to decorate for the holidays, with garlands, lights and Christmas elfs in every corner of the building. However, we also use the opportunity to give to those who need a helping hand. To us, that is one of the most important Christmas traditions to uphold.

This is why Uhrenholt donates 100.000 DKK each year to an important cause, instead of giving Christmas presents to our partners and customers. The cause is chosen by our CSR team, with inputs from employees. This commitment is part of our annual CSR Report, where we explain our ethical commitments, and track our progress each year across several areas.

For the 2020 donation, we chose to help local children yet again. This year, Danish Hospital Clowns (Danske Hospitalsklovne) received our support. Since 2003, their professional clowns have put humor and warmth into the lives of hospitalized children, and we think that is truly impressive. We know that children need diversion, play and joy during their hospital visits, and that makes the work of the Danish Hospital Clowns so important.

However, humor is not the only contribution of the clowns. They are also trained to adapt to whatever needs the children and hospitals have, to comfort the children as well as they can. Some situations call for a hand to hold, or a child might need someone to express their pain for them. They also act as an important bridge-builder between children, families and hospital staff. Because Danish Hospital Clowns educate their clowns thoroughly, they always explore new methods.

At the moment, Danish Hospital Clowns visit half of the 75.000 children who are hospitalized each year in Denmark. They visit more and more children in the pediatric psychiatric wards, as well as autistic children. We love the work that Danish Hospital Clowns do, and are confident that they will use our donation in the most meaningful way possible.

In 2020, Danish Hospital Clowns will pay us a visit and tell us more about their efforts to support hospitalized children and their families. We are looking forward to the visit, and to follow their work in 2020, and in the future.

You can read more about the work of Danish Hospital Clowns (in Danish) here.


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