The 2020 Uhrenholt year-end donation

We are pleased to announce that, the Uhrenholt 2020 year-end donation of DKK 100,000, through the Danish Bylling Foundation, will help street children in the Philippines to a better future.

The Bylling Foundation

The Bylling Foundation was created by enthusiasts from different educational backgrounds. Common to every part of the Bylling Foundation is the burning desire to help street children in the Philippines. They operate an orphanage based on Danish values and pedagogy along with several community programs.

The Bylling Foundation’s mission is to give street children in the Philippines an opportunity for a better future. A future without having to face many of the dramatic realities that street children face in their everyday life. 

Through their orphanage, the Bylling House, they are providing a loving and safe childhood for these children, including nutritious meals, medical help, professional guidance and education, along with a warm and loving home. They believe that it is every child’s right to have these things in their lives. The Bylling House is a home.

When a child enters the Bylling House, they become part of the Bylling family. A family that takes care of one another, supports one another in the good times as well as the bad, and where there is space to develop both as an individual and together as a family.



The Bylling Foundation

To Bylling Foundation it is highly important that each children feel loved, seen and appreciated. These children bring a lot of traumatic experiences from the past with them, and it is a long, challenging and hard journey to process. That is why they have limited space in order to provide qualified help and guidance for their recovery.

However, beside their main focus the Bylling House, Bylling Foundation run several community programs in the poorer areas of Cebu City, in order to improve the life and opportunities for the unfortunate children living there.

Local Community Programs

Family sponsorship program: This helps selected poor and vulnerable families in the poorer area of Pier 3 with weekly donations of food, medicine and guidance.

Feeding program: This provides healthy and nutritious meals several times a month for more than 150 street children. Furthermore, the Foundation spends time with the children, arranges fun games and plays, but, most important of all, makes sure the children know they are valued and loved.

Educational support program: This provides educational support for poor but promising children, in the belief that education is the key to change the future. Therefore, it provides uniforms, school materials, pays educational fees etc., to enable the children to succeed and attend school. It also helps and motivates these children to educational success, so that hopefully one day the children are able to provide for themselves and their families.

Oral hygiene program: This makes sure that the children in Pier 3 have weekly access to clean water, toothbrushes and toothpaste, to improve their oral hygiene. In doing so, it provides materials and guidance, and uses the older children from the orphanage to motivate and produce inspirational information about the importance of proper hygiene.

Local Community Programs

The Bylling Foundation believes that every child has the right to unconditional love, a safe home, education and the opportunities of life.
We, at Uhrenholt are proud to support the Bylling Foundation, and thereby contributing to give children the right to be children once again.