The 2021 Uhrenholt year-end donation

We are pleased to announce that, the Uhrenholt 2021 year-end donation, through the SHELTER Home for Children, will help street and at-risk children in Malaysia to a better future.

SHELTER - Home for Children

The SHELTER was created in 1981 by seven friends whose vision is to help children in a squatter settlement along Old Klang Road.

Their mission is to rescue and protect abused, abandoned, neglected and at-risk children from their trauma, so the children can have the quality and enjoyment of life as they deserve, giving the children the chance to rehabilitate and develop into well-balanced, mature and positive members of society. 

Through their three Shelter homes, children in the age of 4-18 have a safe place, surrounded by loving staff providing the children the care and guidance needed to process the traumatic experiences from their past, and for them to regain their self-acceptance- and reliance – preparing the children for their future with knowledge and educational skills.   

The SHELTER, also provides guidance for the parents, giving them tools and knowledge of taking responsibility for themselves and their children, learning them about their finance, and helping them finding a job, to create a good and stable environment for the children before returning to their parents.

SHELTER - Home for Children

SHELTER also provides help beyond homes through community work. Providing the underprivileged families in the poor communities with food and financial support, to ensure a creation of an environment in which the children have the opportunity to grow up, and have their basic needs covered so the family unit can stay together.

However, besides the SHELTER’s main focus with shelter homes and community work, the SHELTER is starting a Shelter After School Program in the beginning of 2022, helping children in the urban area in Taman Meden, Malaysia.

SHELTER - After School Program

SHELTER - After School Program

The After School program provides a shelter where children can stay before and after school. The safe space provide the children with an opportunity to engage meaningfully and productively through social activities, help with homework, safe transportation to-and from school and a nourishing meal.

The program provides space for 30 children and is positively affecting 200-300 individuals in the community, by caring for the family and community, encourage learning and knowledge development for both children and parents, and a holistic development and well-being of the children.  

The program aims to engage the children with activities, homework, and hobbies. This program encourages the knowledge, improved health within the community and reduces school dropouts, shaping a greater future and development for the children.  

We, at Uhrenholt are proud to support the SHETLER, and thereby contribution to give children the right to be children once again.