Uhrenholt is on the SME COP-list 2021

We are pleased to announce that Uhrenholt have been selected for inclusion in the SME COP-list 2021, in honour of the best sustainability reports in the SME segment.

The list comprises Danish companies who have committed to the 10 principles of Global Compact, CSR and yearly reports to FN through Communication on Progress (COP) reports. FSR – danske revisorer and Global Compact Network Denmark have combined in this initiative to highlight the best Communication on Progress reports.

Every year, the best reports are selected for the SME COP-list, a list compiled annually by Global Compact Network and FSR – danske revisorer to honour the SMEs who present particularly skilled reports on sustainability.

The SME COP-list 2021 

The justification for our place on the SME COP-list 2021:

‘Uhrenholt Sustainability Report 2020 is highlighted for being an accessible, well-structured and successful Communication on Progress, taking progress in Global Compact and acknowledging concrete and relevant areas of focus with 2025 goals supporting specific Sustainable Development Goals (UN).

The 48-page report is particularly commended for the table on page 46–47, which gives a clear and detailed overview of Uhrenholt’s work with the four key action areas of Global Compact Principles, short- and long-term sustainability goals and development towards the goals for 2020 supporting the Sustainable Development Goals.

Furthermore, pages 12–17 include a good description of the Uhrenholt Business model and primary focus of area supporting the essentials of the specific focus areas in the strategy of sustainability, pages 22–25 and the report’s structure.’

The SME COP-list 2021 was officially announced on Tuesday, September 7.  Malene Kjær, our Chairman of Sustainability Group & VP, Global Marketing, participated in the panel debate concerning areas of interest relating to the incorporation of sustainability in day-to-day business, and the future of sustainability. The event also benefited and continued the dialogue relating to good SME reports, and contributed to inspiring other SMEs in their journey of reporting on their sustainability.

Our sustainable commitment and journey towards a sustainable future

Here at Uhrenholt, our Sustainability Group comprises a dedicated assembly of colleagues who ensure that we develop and attain our sustainability ambitions. We strive to persistently take action towards the responsibility we have, and design our policies and actions around supporting the ideals and ambitions of the United Nations Global Compact in its four key actions areas. Uhrenholt plays a part in realizing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and is working to integrate sustainability into our general decision-making and day-to-day business.

This report has given our work with sustainability a renewed impetus. We see this as a great starting point for our continuing sustainability journey. 

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