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Global Food Solutions

Global Food Solutions

Uhrenholt A/S is a global food company supplying mainly dairy products and frozen vegetables to a broad range of retail, wholesale, foodservice and industrial customers in more than 120 countries around the world. We have offices and representatives in more than 20 countries and employ 220+ on a global scale. Our products are sold under the brand names Emborg™, Friendship™ Mon Ami™ and Amigo™ or as commodities and industrial sales.

We are a solutions provider, more than a manufacturer, offering food solutions based purely on market needs and demands. Our market-driven food solutions are available to our customers thanks to our strong, global network of partners and suppliers within the food industry.

Local Market Insight

Uhrenholt offers local insight and hands-on experience in your market. We identify trends and demands, and through close cooperation with our partners, we are well prepared to develop and deliver market-driven food solutions for your business. This includes meeting increasing demands from the market to deliver higher food safety, deeper traceability, information flow, sustainability, etc.

Tailored Solutions

Timing is everything. That is why we team up with the strongest partners to ensure consistent quality, flexibility and process efficiency. A global network of partners provides a scalable production, short lead time in response to your market needs and low risk of overstock. We also ease the legal business, customs and order handling and offer flexible logistics and delivery. We could not do this without solid partnerships worldwide.

Global Production Network

The food business today is characterised by fast-changing needs and demands. At Uhrenholt, we ensure flexibility and speed in our processes. A global production network enables us to build tailored solutions for each market. Through partnerships, we supply a full range of cheeses and frozen vegetables sourced primarily from Europe. 

There is a reason why local cheese specialties often taste better in their home regions: The local dairies have spent decades – maybe even centuries – on cultivating and refining the unique taste of their favourite cheese. That is why we always aim to source our cheeses from where the cheese has its origin.