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The Friendship Brand

Friendship was the first registered brand in Uhrenholt. It was launched in 1978, the same year as Uhrenholt was founded. Today, Friendship is a well-known brand in key markets globally. But Friendship is more than just a brand name, it's a philosophy! 

We consider each customer to be our close partner and we strive to offer the optimal service for you to succeed. A large global food network and years of experience enables us to deliver flexible food solutions that match your needs so we can assist you in optimising your business.

Friendship is sold to foodservice as well as wholesale. Contact us to learn more about the products and services we offer.

The Friendship Brand

Delicious high quality products

Delicious high quality products

Our Friendship products cover a wide variety and aim to meet our customers' expectations, guaranteeing high quality, traceability and service in addition to food safety. 

Our wide variety of products cover every need: For baking, our Cream Cheese with its slightly sour taste and subtle tang of fresh yogurt is perfect for cheesecake. Is the desire for pizza our Pizzamix is ideal. For burgers and sandwiches, being number one in the category of our sliced cheese, our Sliced Processed Cheese with cheddar is the perfect match. As for the classic cheeseboard we have our Danish Blue-veined Cheese, or for a simple salad our Zaxos cubes is a perfect addition to top it off. 



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