Industrial Cheese

We deliver dairy ingredients to the food industry.
Our reliable supply is based on our long term partnerships.

Business Cornerstone

One of the initial cornerstones of the Uhrenholt business is supplying dairy ingredients to the food industry for further processing. With close to 40 years in the business, we have established a tight network of suppliers and access to a broad range of dairy ingredients. Besides Denmark, Uhrenholt has offices in France and Poland where industry knowledgeable staff assist with the European-wide sourcing of raw materials from major dairy producers.

We secure a mixed range of first and second grade goods for the manufacturing of cheese powder, spreads, sauces, sliced and shredded cheese as well as snacks and ready meals. We understand the dairy industry - route-to-market, functionality and flavor needs - and are able to offer flexible solutions, transparency and reliable supply to meet manufacturers demands for quality and cost optimization.

Business Cornerstone


At Uhrenholt we are specialists at finding use for down-graded dairy goods. We handle all kinds of ingredients from fluids, curds, butter to block cheeses. Whether faults are due to production or packaging or simply surplus stock, we find a way to transform down-graded goods to prima products. We explore alternative applications by either selling-on ingredients to producers in our established network or transforming goods ourselves. We have our own cleaning station where we are able to neutralize branded goods through an unpacking, cleaning, cutting and re-packing process according to customer needs. Our dairy experts can handle both chilled and frozen goods in every shape and size from 8g to 800kg. We seldom shy away from a mutually beneficial deal, so contact and try us!


Henrik Jørgensen
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