Industry Commodities

We have more than 30 years of experience trading dairy bulk products.
We supply a full range of dairy ingredients for the industry.

Terms of Trade

At Uhrenholt, our Commodity department trades on different terms as preferred by our partners. We offer customers solutions to their imminent needs and undertake responsibility for sourcing and shipments. Through our established network of suppliers worldwide, we have access to a wide range of dairy ingredients. We sell these commodity goods worldwide to wholesalers and distributors for whom we handle various import issues such as product labelling and shipment documentation. We also act as middle-men for large industry producers, who need a steady supply of commodity goods on pre-agreed terms. These partnerships are often based on long-term relations that date back 20-30 years. During that time, we have demonstrated reliability and dependability, which is why we are still a key player in the industry today. Contact us for more information on how we can service your needs.

Terms of Trade

Risk Management

The business of commodity trading is reliant on developments in the global dairy market, which continues to be very volatile. Operating under these circumstances takes skill and discipline. At Uhrenholt, our Global Commodity team has years of experience trading dairy ingredients. They have perfected the art of risk management to ensure that Uhrenholt is a reliable and professional partner for operators in the food industry. 

We are financially strong, but prudent in our business dealings. It is a high risk market, which is why we always stay within our pre-set trading limits and secure most transactions through credit insurances. Furthermore, we safeguard against loss and employ hedging to ensure that delivery agreements are always honoured. We seek to move with the times and keep abreast of market developments, which is why Uhrenholt is also venturing onto commodity stock exchanges.


Risk Management
Brian Jørgensen
"Contact me for more information on commodities"
Brian Jørgensen Director, Global Commodity Trading +45 64 212 206

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