Private Label

We have the expertise to locally source
and consolidate lucrative private label products.

Private Label Supplier

Uhrenholt is a long-term and trusted private label supplier to leading retail chains in Europe, South Africa and Oceania.

We have the expertise to source, price secure and consolidate lucrative private label products. We carry out audits according to customer specifications and follow through till products are pre-packaged ready for shipment with the correct documentation. Combined with an advanced logistical set-up, we are able to deliver everything from the smallest order to full truck loads – all on competitive terms. 

We are always open to new opportunities and we gladly follow our partners into new areas of business that add mutual value. Please contact our staff in your region of interest.


Private Label Supplier

Private Label in Southern Africa

Uhrenholt has great success with Private Label in markets where this is a prevailing retail business. In Southern Africa for instance, we sell private label products to the major retails including Shoprite, Pick and Pay and SPAR. Through private label we can offer a select range of products unique to the different retailers. This means that in South Africa, we are able to supply close to 80% of the market with various private label products. There is generally a focus on European cheeses including famous Italian and Dutch specialties. Uhrenholt works with retailers to source and package products according to the specific needs that each retailer may have. Contact us and find out how we can support you in your Private Label business.

Private Label in Southern Africa

A Variety of Cheese

We supply our wholesale businesses with dairy products to suit the specific needs of our partners. In order to always supply the highest quality, we aim to source the cheese in the region from which the cheese has its origin.

Our complete range of cheeses are packagaged in either economy-sized blocks, table-sized packs or cheese conveniently sliced, cubed or grated to suit customer and market needs. 

Please view our cheese selection and contact us to find out how we can supply cheeses that meet your needs.


A Variety of Cheese

Our Dairy Selection

View our wide range of Dairy Products

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Marianne Andersen
"Contact me for inquiries regarding Private Label"
Marianne Andersen Head of Sales Coordinators, Europe +45 64 212 157

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