Established in 1947, Emborg is our primary Retail Brand

Bring the Real Taste Home...

Emborg® is our primary retail brand and covers dairy products, frozen fruits and vegetables. Founded in 1947, Emborg is now marketed in more than 90 countries across the world.

The signature Emborg packaging in royal purple has strong consumer appeal and is easily recognisable in supermarkets and retail counters. With its unique ”Affordable Premium” positioning, Emborg has a promising retail brand presence and is a key player in the Middle Eastern, African and Asian markets today.

Visit our Emborg website and Bring the Real Taste Home...

Bring the Real Taste Home...

Just Add Emborg

A good meal is a natural gathering point for all families, but a busy lifestyle sometimes stands in the way for home cooking and enjoying mealtimes together.

With Emborg, we want to make it easier for families everywhere to enjoy tasty meals by promoting inspiration, guidance and family-friendly food products at affordable prices.

Watch the Emborg Brand Film below to see how easily you can make a big impact, if you Just Add Love and Emborg.

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Improving Share of Voice

Improving Share of Voice

One of the great challenges in the crowded retail space today is establishing “share of voice” i.e. priority, presence and presentation of one’s brand in-store. Shelf space is costly and options for Point of Sales material limited. But consistent supply, demand and on-time delivery remains key – those players who manage it become preferred suppliers.

At Uhrenholt we aim to do just that. To work with partners in close collaboration to ensure availability, reliability and trust. That is why we seek to help customers implement tools that improve forecasting and ordering procedures as well as offering staff training in the benefits of improved ways of working. We are confident that the more proactive and smooth a process, the better the experience all round in the pursuit of mutual growth. 

The Retail Business in Asia

The Emborg brand is present in most major markets in Asia. Emborg first entered into Malaysia and is now no.2 in the market within the cheese category. Especially natural sliced and block cheeses are popular showing double digit growth figures. The Emborg brand has the largest sales value, growing faster than the overall market contributing to it being one of the leading brand players.

The development of the cheese market in general is caused by the versatile use of cheese in many different dishes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and multiple desserts. We are also experiencing growth in cheese consumption due to in-between meal snacking.

The Retail Business in Asia

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