Over the years Uhrenholt have educated more than 75 apprentices primarily within sales, finance and marketing. From Summer 2021, we are pleased to announce that we also offer an education within logistics.


Our apprentice programmes within sales, finance, and logistics takes 2 years. During this period, the apprentice receives thorough training in all elements of the company's internal working processes relevant for the education. Throughout the 2 years you will, as an apprentice, gain more responsibility and independent tasks parallel with theoretical classes at a school nearby.

In marketing, we educate graphic designers, where you for 3,5 years gain practical experience and acquire new skills within graphic representation. During the period you will also gain theoretical classes at a school nearby.

Furthermore, we always aim to give all our apprentice a knowledge to other parts of our company for instance purchase, quality, sales or logistic with the purpose of getting an insight to other parts of Uhrenholt value chain.

It is our experience that this particular education programme provides the right ballast for our apprentices, and over the years we have been able to offer most of our apprentice to continue their professional development in Uhrenholt in a permanent position.



Uhrenholt Awarded Apprenticeship 

Uhrenholt has been awarded ”Apprenticeship 2015” in our region. 

We were elected among 20 companies in the region by the local Board of Education. The ceremony took place at the International Business College (IBC) in Kolding. It is a huge recognition for Uhrenholt to get this prize and we are very proud of the acknowledgement we get for the work we do with our apprentices.


“IBC and the local board of education has emphasized that Uhrenholt understands that an apprentice education is a combination of school theory and work practice. Furthermore the company shows interest in the school and makes sure the apprentices are challenged academically and gains knowledge about the company structure and working processes during the apprenticeship” says Education Manager, Bodil Kirkegaard Johansen in the press release.