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An Environment For Developing And Growing Talents

We strive to develop and grow younger people as we recognise them as tomorrow’s talents.

In creating an inspiring and attractive work environment at Uhrenholt, we continue to have great success in welcoming young people into our organisation. In return, we have received valuable insights, learnings and new ways of doing business from apprentices, interns and students.
Over the years, we have been able to offer most the opportunity to continue their professional development in Uhrenholt in a permanent position.

Apprentice Programme

We have both commercial and non-commercial apprentices, primarily within sales, finance, logistics and marketing. The programme exposes apprentices to a broad spectrum of Uhrenholt departments so that they gain an expansive insight into business capabilities, while acting as a pathway to their chosen branch.

The programme usually runs from two to four years and combines practical professional development with theoretical knowledge gained from local business schools. Apprentices progressively gain more responsibility and independent tasks parallel to their development.

Students Internships

Our ongoing cooperation with higher education institutions and their students has achieved great mutual success. We support projects, thesis writing and internships for Bachelors and Masters students across many Uhrenholt departments, such as in finance, business controlling and marketing.

Each internship is tailored to the individual student and usually runs for one semester. While students develop their knowledge and skills and undertake genuine work experience in preparation for their career journeys, internships are equally valued by Uhrenholt, as we see it as a shared opportunity to learn.