Working at Uhrenholt

Working at Uhrenholt

Want to get a feel of how it is to work at Uhrenholt?

Watch the video below and find out what our employees think about working at Uhrenholt.
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A Good Working Environment

Our stately headquarters house our corporate functions and sales to Europe. We have regional head offices located in Dubai (Middle East & Africa) and Kuala Lumpur (Asia). No matter the location, we strive to ensure a top class working environment in all our domiciles.

According to health and safety regulations, we conduct annual workplace and risk assessments to ensure that the well-being of employees is taken into consideration. The same applies for staff committees, where representative staff meet with senior management to discuss prevailing matters that may affect the working climate. Employees are kept informed through our internal communication channels, house manuals and house meetings.


Attention to Health & Well-being

On top of ensuring a good working environment, Uhrenholt encourages employees to make healthy choices. This concerns a healthy lifestyle and work-life balance as well as health insurance for added security in the event of sickness or accident. Permanent staff have health insurance and are offered subsidized massage schemes as a preventative measure. Ergonomically correct office furniture and well-lit office space also contributes to a healthy work climate.

One of the benefits of working at headquarters is our outstanding canteen food. Our qualified canteen staff focus on serving healthy food, which naturally includes our own products. Coffee, fruit, snack and lunch schemes are made available and partly paid by employees, who highly value the service. Employee involvement is key to health and well-being, which is why we occassionally conduct “Health Week” to promote exercise and healthy food choices.


Flexible Working Conditions

Uhrenholt is a global company dealing with markets in many different time zones. This necessitates overseas travel and odd working hours to stay in contact with our partners. Therefore, accountability and flexibility are prevalent values that form our working culture.

We offer flexible working hours and an IT infrastructure that allows employees to access the network anytime, anywhere. Whether at home or travelling, portable laptops, cloud computing and web-based communication systems ensures that employees can work remotely and stay connected. For some employees, this is essential to fulfilling a work-life balance.

Want to know more about Uhrenholt's recruiting process?

Watch the video with HR below and find out.
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Attractive Compensation & Benefits

An attractive compensation and benefits package relative to skills and experience is important to every employee. At Uhrenholt, we seek to be competitive on both accounts. We are committed to being a preferred global employer that offers exciting and varied jobs, added security and the opportunity for work-life balance. Annual appraisals and performance reviews ensures that employee and manager expectations are aligned.

Besides attention to working environment and health benefits, we also support and encourage socializing through staff events and activities. There are two annual parties as well as activities organized by the employee lead "Friendship Club" and other staff clubs.

Job Satisfaction & Development

Maximising job satisfaction and employee potential is a primary focus area. To remain a preferred employer, we must constantly seek to live up to staff expectations not only to compensation and benefits, but also careers. Be it personal development or job advancement, we seek to support employees in achieving their goals.

Together with team leaders, our Human Resource department helps offer relevant courses and educational programmes in preparation for promotions and succession planning. Job rotation and career moves are commonplace at Uhrenholt with many employees having held different positions within the organisation. This has contributed to our exceptionally high tenure and seniority meaning that 10+ anniversaries are not uncommon!