Working at Uhrenholt

Our commercial organisation is structured in four sales regions: Russia, Middle East & Africa, Asia & Oceania and Europe. All regions are supported by our expert corporate functions.

An Inclusive and Diverse Culture

At Uhrenholt we value our employees diverse experiences and backgrounds to better understand the needs of global customers, drive innovation and enhance employee engagement. We work to create a culture where everyone feels welcomed, valued, respected and empowered. Diversity has always been an important trademark of Uhrenholt. We have over 20 nationalities employed and wish to reflect the variety in society in terms of culture and ways of thinking. At the same time our focus is on ensuring that our partners, customers and consumers experience a high level of service whomever they address.

Compensation & Benefits

Whether you are considering a career move or looking for your first job opportunity, we know that a competitive compensation and benefits package is important. Uhrenholt is committed to being a preferred global employer, offering a competitive package, which gives you added security and the opportunity for a more balanced work/life situation.

  • Insurance - added security in the event of an accident
  • Benefits - making the best of things
  • Working hours - a healthy work/life balance
  • Personal development - maximising potential
  • Staff Clubs - supporting and encouraging socialising

Healthy Foods

We have a Passion for Food and this also comes across in our canteen food! One of the benefits of working at the corporate headquarters is our daily lunch scheme. Our qualified canteen staff focus on serving healthy foods, which naturally includes our own products.

It is important for us to be well acquainted with our products and to know how they apply in different situations - for instance foodservice, where we pride ourselves in offering tailored solutions. To gain a better understanding of the products we sell and the services we offer, visit our consumer and professional websites: and 

Healthy Foods

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