Business Excellence

Business Excellence covers several disciplines within the area of product master data and business intelligence. Our portfolio of products is the basis of our business and the key to delivering on market-driven food solutions. Therefore, the portfolio is regularly evaluated in terms of profitability, market relevance, possible upgrades or phase-outs. Constant tracking and analyses ensures that our business develops in a profitable direction. 

Product Information Management (PIM)

Master Data is a single source of common business data used across multiple systems, applications and processes. At Uhrenholt, our master data resides in our Product Information Management (PIM) system, which in turn feeds our essential operating tools; the on-premises ERP system AX and the web-based Product Portal. Business Excellence oversees the Product Portal, which contains searchable master data on most item numbers. It is imperative that the information is current and true to avoid mistakes when markets have differing rules and regulations on packaging and carton labelling. The Product Portal gives a clear overview of item labelling and which items or variants are intended for which markets. This is an essential service to staff throughout the organisation to ensure that they have correct information at hand and can perform at their best. 

Lone Egeskov Jensen
"Contact me for inquiries regarding Business Excellence"
Lone Egeskov Jensen Director, Business Excellence

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