Finance & Accounting

Finance and Accounting are key support functions at Uhrenholt. The department is lean with different areas of responsibility delegated to few employees that operate with a high degree of independence and authority. Working within many areas of finance, debit and credit, the team’s overarching priority is risk management. Assignments are challenging and far reaching with many contact points throughout the global organisation. Behind the scenes, accounting staff assist sales teams by ensuring the transaction of goods happen smoothly through currency hedging, increasing credit insurances and making express payments where needed so shipments arrives on time. We aim to live up to the highest standards, managing customer requirements and local legal standards for the benefit of all parties in the pursuit of mutual growth.


At Uhrenholt, Controlling is the art of quality control in numbers. Our highly valued and streamlined team of number crunchers offer business support and counseling to colleagues in-house and far afield. With advanced tools at hand, they supply tailored reports on the state of business – how our brands and markets perform month by month, year on year. Business cases, forecasts and budgeting are an essential part of our routines and procedures. Discrepancies are detected and deviations monitored in the quest to ensure business runs smoothly without unforeseen surprises. The goal at financial year end is to consolidate accounts and complete annual reports to the satisfaction of stakeholders. All part of the business of delivering Market-driven Food Solutions.  

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