HR Administration

Our HR Administration resides in our HQ which is placed in Middelfart. Tasks cover a multitude of HR assignments in relation to contracts, compensation and benefits. In accordance with the line of direction set by management, HR ensures that employees have access to the best possible health care insurance and pension plans. We have offices around the world, so assignments take on a global reach as HR staff have regular contact to local payroll agencies and public authorities. We seek to comply with local employment regulations and will offer competitive compensation and benefits in order to remain an attractive workplace in the markets where we have representation.


HR Development

At Uhrenholt, our “machinery” is our people. We rely on our human resources, which is why innovation to a great extent lies within the realm of HR. The scope is both broad and far reaching as talent recruitment and career development is increasing in focus throughout the global organisation. HR consults all levels of management on HR related issues and assist with recruitment and appraisals for offices in four geographic regions.

Education and training is a main priority and partly internalised. How we source, sell and ship products globally is unique to Uhrenholt and a key point of differentiation. Therefore, the sales and support functions are taught through learning by doing and sparring with experienced team members. We recruit talent early and develop skills from the apprentice programme to junior sales and support functions. It is a constant learning experience and HR’s goal in collaboration with management is to ensure job satisfaction and that employees develop throughout their career at Uhrenholt. 


Commercial Sales Training

To promote the Uhrenholt way of selling, we offer commercial sales training to both internal and selected external commercial sales forces. The purpose is to ensure that we have a common business language and unity of purpose across the board to help enable first class execution of our brand in- store. Our trainers teach the fundamental selling techniques, sales tools and tricks of the trade to better equip sales staff for the challenges that meet them in a highly competitive market place. At the same time, we find it important to involve local management through a train-the-trainer course where training plans, evaluation and follow-up ensure in-market continuity and momentum. Our contribution is highly valued both by our regional employees as well as our local distributors and enriches our partnership in accordance with our partnership promise of growing together. 

Hilde Rotbakken Sønnichsen
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Hilde Rotbakken Sønnichsen Chief HR Officer (CHRO)

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