IT Infrastructure

Collaboration and Communication are the corner stones of our IT infrastructure. All systems and software aim to achieve greater collaboration and communication amongst employees and external partners in the pursuit of agility and growth. Our IT department is instrumental in helping us achieve this by offering the latest IT equipment, software and security systems. 

We operate globally and our regional hubs and local offices are seamlessly connected to headquarters to ensure that we appear and act as one coherent organisation. To maintain network connectivity puts great demands on our IT department to manage the secure flow of information and communication. We have the latest telecom and conference equipment that allows us to stay virtually connected at all times. And should systems or communication lines break down, then the HelpDesk is there to assist in person or remotely. Our IT team is always working behind the scenes claiming that they are doing their job well, when no-one detects their presence!


Business Systems

At Uhrenholt, we attend to hundreds of orders, invoices and projects every day. Our ERP system and supportive platforms are an integral part of our work tools that allow us to handle the complexity, optimise processes and avoid mistakes. To drive implementation and upgrades, our IT department have specialists in place with the necessary background and understanding of the business, whose job it is to streamline processes and find ways of doing tasks quicker and smarter. By exploiting systems optimally, employees can avoid repetitive tasks and save time to the benefit of both the company and our partners. Our IT department are also able to play a vital part in solving business related challenges for instance in regard to customer interaction, stock handling and supply. The optimsing process is never complete, as there are always areas for improvement in the quest to deliver on market-driven food solutions.

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