Global Marketing

Global Marketing consists of three passionate teams of marketers within the areas of; Brand Management, Packaging and Design. Each team plays a vital role in the collective output. Marketing oversees all brand and marketing related assignments throughout the global organisation from packaging and point-of-sales to social media and mass communication. To support in-market sales efforts, Marketing also assists with various sales materials, merchandise and trade fairs. In general, concepts and campaigns are developed centrally and implemented locally in collaboration with local sales teams. 

No matter what the activity, Global Marketing has given a seal of approval to ensure that brand guidelines are followed in order to protect our valuable brand assets. Besides our corporate Uhrenholt brand, there are three Master Brands: Emborg, Friendship and Amigo that have a dominant position in our sales and investment priorities. Global Marketing helps support and develop these brands to ensure that they perform well in the market. Research, tracking, trends and insights define consumer sentiment and category movement. Strategies and concepts are developed in response to delivering on our Value Proposition: Market-driven Food Solutions.


Packaging Design

The Global Marketing team are the primary brand custodians ensuring that marketing materials follow brand guidelines. Nowhere is it more important than with packaging design where a uniform and coherent brand experience is expected by consumers and retailers alike. The Packaging Implementation (PI) process is a team effort involving Marketing, Portfolio Management and Quality Assurance. Each department contributes to a vital part of the overall packaging and messaging whether a design element, declaration or claim. 

In Global Marketing, all three teams are involved in the many phases of new product development from concept idea to finished design. Layouts, languages, serving photos and specs must come together and reach perfection before approval. At other times packaging updates merely concern a line extension or a change in declaration or carton label. Either way, our expert packaging coordinators ensure that the process runs smoothly and timely. They coordinate assignments both internally and externally with suppliers and print producers who rely on our professionalism to avoid mistakes. In Global Marketing, we are proud of our track record and of the stunning brand packaging being produced. 


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