Uhrenholt has a dedicated Procurement department that is responsible for our strategic supplier purchases, which covers products for retail and foodservice within branded and private label businesses. To achieve economies of scale and cross-market synergies, each team member is specialized in certain product categories and corresponding suppliers. This means One Point of Contact, which is both an advantage for our sales team and suppliers.

Supplier Management

Partnerships are the cornerstone of our business. We value our long-term supplier relationships that are fundamental to delivering the flexible food solutions that we are known for. To supply food products of the highest quality, we aim to source products from where they originate or have the best growing conditions. It is the role of Procurement to facilitate supplier searches, audits and contract negotiations to find the best match based on supply terms and product quality in relation to price. Along with other departments, Procurement is closely involved with New Product Development, which takes considerable time and investment from all parties involved. This is why we seek close collaboration and trust-based relationships with our suppliers and owe them professionalism, full information and correct forecasting to remain a preferred business partner.

Our partnership promise is providing attractive food products and tailored solutions according to market demand. Therefore, a prerequisite for conducting business is having the right product mix. Since we are not confined by in-house production facilities, we can source products that fit our business model and growth strategies. Procurement undertakes category management, analyzing purchase value and gross margins per category to evaluate profitability and potential. Findings are combined with analysis of product and supplier trends to evaluate future opportunities. At the same time, economies of scale are important for supplier relations, which means we must continuously streamline and optimize our product assortment to achieve increased scale and secured supply.


Edgar Marchl
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Edgar Marchl Director, Procurement

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