Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance team has several areas of responsibility covering certification, auditing, testing, labelling, claims handling and self-regulation. Team members work with different regions to support sales staff in all matters concerning import and export. This may cover a multitude of documents such as product registrations, nutritional specifications, customs and veterinary certificates. It is a complex process and market demands often differ, which is why specialist knowledge is needed and a geographic division of responsibility makes sense. QA team members also have in-depth knowledge within food and dairy technology in order to assist with nutritional values and product specifications. In collaboration with Marketing, they ensure that our product labelling and packaging information lives up to market demands.

Portfolio Management and Product Information Management (PIM)

Our portfolio of products is the basis of our business and the key to delivering on market-driven food solutions. In cooperation with regions and procurement, the portfolio is regularly evaluated to ensure profitability and market relevance. This involves follow-up on launches and decisions on closing down or lifting low performance products, obtaining further synergies or economies of scale. Master Data is a single source of common business data used across multiple systems, applications and processes. At Uhrenholt, our product master data resides in our Product Information Management (PIM) system, which in turn feeds our essential operating tools; the on-premises ERP system AX and the web-based Product Portal. The Product Portal gives a clear overview of item labelling and which items or variants are intended for which markets. This is an essential service to staff throughout the organization to ensure that they have correct information at hand and can perform at their best. 

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In any food company, traceability is essential. At Uhrenholt, our top priority is to ensure health and food safety so that our promise of delivering quality products to end-users is kept. Therefore, one of the primary tasks of Quality Assurance is to ensure that our self-regulation is of the highest standard. That we can trace goods at batch level from supplier to retailer. With self-regulation we formulate and follow procedures, conduct spot checks and provide documentation upon request. This necessitates close cooperation with our suppliers and customers to ensure transparency and full information. Consequently, our Quality Assurance team is deeply involved with supplier audits, laboratory testing and acquiring a multitude of quality and export certificates - all necessary to keep a global food company running. Follow our Smiley status by clicking on the smiley link in the footer below.



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