Sales is the driving force behind our business. Sales staff are employed in our sales department as defined by geographic region or business area. Each sales team comprises of experienced sales men and women, who know the industry well through many years of trade and dealings with key partners. Uhrenholt has set its mark on the industry since 1978 and is a well-known player along with our established brands helping to open doors for our sales staff.

The sales role at Uhrenholt is split into Senior and Junior sales staff and supporting sales coordinators. Sales trainees also try the ropes as assistant sales coordinators and progress on to junior sales staff. Together they comprise efficient sales teams handling sales to a broad range of retail, wholesale, foodservice and industrial customers in more than 80 countries around the world.

Whilst sales staff make the sale, sales coordinators handle the complexities of order processing, invoicing and shipments. It is a challenging and interesting job as no two shipments are alike. Each country has their unique rules and regulations covering licenses, imports permits, ingredient specifications, veterinary certificates and more. This means each shipment typically carries extensive amounts of transport documentation and it is the role of the sales coordinator to ensure all is in good order so that shipments reach their destination on time and to the satisfaction of our customers.

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