Group Transport & Logistics

Uhrenholt has an internal Group Transport & Logistics department that cooperates closely with our sales teams. Tasks are clearly divided as the department handle price negotiations and agreements with our primary forwarding agents in order to secure the best terms and conditions for our many shipments. Uhrenholt products are sold in more than 120 markets globally with goods being delivered by both air, sea and road transportation. In sea transport alone, we operate with over 500 different freight corridors. Adding to the complexity is that we deal in perishable goods, where frozen or chilled storage and limited shelf life are key parameters to keep track of. The department is handling all transport bookings by road, and consolidating our orders for delivery all over Europe.

Group Transport & Logistics are also in charge of our warehousing facilities in major transportation hubs around Europe. Uhrenholt’s specialty is consolidating goods on behalf of our partners to ensure that shipments are fully exploited. We bring in a variety of food products from all over Europe to our warehouses in order to pick and pack goods for delivery in mixed containers. Certain partners also need regular weekly supplies, which our collaboration with warehouse and trucking companies allows. Altogether, our flexibility enables us to offer complete food solutions to our partners. 


Insurance, Control and Training

Our transport insurance unit handles transport policies and any claims that inevitably arise when dealing with hundreds of shipments on a weekly basis. Luckily incidents are few and far between, but when they do arise, we assist our transport insurance company with claims recovery. Major claims can take years to resolve, which is why we take pride in keeping our documentation in order.

As a preventative measure, all Bills of Lading are double-checked to ensure that shipping companies obtain correct and complete information. This control mechanism is enforced exactly because many procedures are still manual and mistakes happen. We seek to catch discrepancies in-house before our partners are affected. It is an on-going learning process to perfect our skills. Our transport specialists hold regular courses on the intricate details of maritime and transport law, Inco and B/L terms, damage and claims handling so our staff are well prepared for any given situation.


Jørgen Jeppe Hansen
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Jørgen Jeppe Hansen Director, Group Logistics

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