The use of services on the website, such as filling in contact forms, requires that you provide certain personal data.

Because we process personal data, we have implemented this policy for the protection of personal data, which tells you how we process your data.



1.1. Contact information

We as Uhrenholt A/S are a data controller, and we ensure that your personal data are processed in accordance with legislation.


The contact details of Uhrenholt A/S are as follows:


Uhrenholt A/S

Teglgårdsparken 106

DK - 5500 Middelfart




We use your data to improve our service and to ensure the quality of our products and services and in our contact with you. The data we use include:


2.1. Automatically collected data

Our digital solutions are based on various technologies with the purpose of ensuring user friendliness and security. These technologies automatically collect data to provide the best possible solution, either directly by us or by a third party on our behalf. Examples of this are analysis of clickstream data and setting of cookies.


All visits to a digital solution result in data being sent from your browser to a server. It is through analysis of such data that we optimize the digital solutions. Data are collected through a third party on our behalf. Data may be collected about your computer for the purpose of system administration and internal marketing related analyses. Such data constitute statistical information about the users’ behaviour in the digital solutions. Examples of data collected and analysed are:

  • date and time of visit
  • the pages visited in the solution
  • the IP address of the visitor
  • the gender and age range of the visitors
  • the geographical location – country based – of the visitors
  • information about the browser and the device used (type, version, operating system etc.),
  • URL of referring site (the site from which the visitor has been directed to our solution).
  • Videoviews


The data collected is anonymized through IP anonymization by Google.

We use Google Analytics as web analysis solution in our digital solutions. In this connection, web analysis data are sent from our digital solutions for analysis in the service offered by Google. In this case, Google Analytics is the “data processor” of data for which we are responsible, and such data may only be disclosed as agreed or in order to adhere to legal requirements.

Read more about Google’s privacy policy here:

You can read more about our use of cookies below in item 4.


2.2. Data provided by you

In addition to the data collected automatically, we also process data actively provided to us by users.

Examples of data actively provided by users:

  • Use of contact forms on our website - the contact form being sent including personal contact information to us. This helps us handle any enquriries we might get
  • Use of mail to links - sending emails to Uhrenholt employees thereby sharing email address and possible name and other contact information. This helps us handle any enquriries we might get
  • Data shared with us via social media - here Instagram, where the hashtag #myuhrenholt will prompt, that the iG post will be displayes in a Instagram feed by dialoguefeed on the frontpage of




3.1. Purpose of collection

Below are some examples of use of the collected data:

  • Ensuring user friendliness and security
  • Statistical analysis for optimization of our digital solutions
  • Rendering support to customer queries


3.2. Storage

The data are stored for the period in which it is allowed under current legislation, and we erase them when we no longer need them. The period depends on the nature of the data and the reason for storage.


3.3. Disclosure of data

We only disclose our customers’ data to third parties in accordance with this privacy policy.


We may disclose your data if we are obligated to disclose or share data in order to adhere to a legal obligation.


Moreover, we use a number of third parties for storing and processing data (data processors). They will be under a contractual obligation to treat all data strictly confidential and will thus not be allowed to use the data for other purposes than those covered by the contractual obligation towards us, and we will check that our partners adhere to their obligations.


We only use data processors in the EU or in countries that can sufficiently protect your data. If we disclose your data to a service provider or data processor outside the EU, we will ensure that we adhere to the legal requirements for such disclosure.


Data on your use of the website, geographical location, gender, age range, etc. are disclosed to third parties to the extent that such data are known. In the section on “Cookies” below in item 4 you can see the relevant third parties.



4. Cookies on


We have implemented technical and organisational measures to prevent your data from being erased accidentally or illegally, published, lost, impaired or brought to the knowledge of unauthorised third parties, misused or otherwise processed contrary to legislation. 




6.1. In general

If you wish to gain access to your data, have them corrected or erased or to object to our data processing, we will check whether it is possible and reply to your request as quickly as possible.


6.2. You have a right to access your personal data

You have a right to be told at any time which data we are processing about you, where they come from and what we use them for. You can also be informed how long we store your personal data and who will receive data about you in case we disclose data in Denmark and abroad.


If you ask for it, we can give you access to the data we are processing about you. However, the access will be limited to protect the privacy of other persons, business secrets and intellectual property rights.


You may invoke your rights by contacting us. You will find our contact information above in item 1.


6.3. You are entitled to have inaccurate personal data corrected or erased.

If you find that the personal data we are processing about you are inaccurate, you have a right to have them corrected. You need to contact us and explain the inaccuracies and how to correct them.


In some cases we are obligated to erase your personal data. This applies if you wish to withdraw your consent, for example. Your consent is voluntary and you may withdraw it at any time by contacting us. Use the contact information above in item 1 if you wish to withdraw your consent.


If you feel that your data are no longer necessary in relation to the purpose for which we collected them, you may ask to have them erased. You can also contact us if you feel that your personal data is being processed contrary to legislation or other legal obligations.


When you contact us and ask to have your personal data corrected or erased, we will look into whether the conditions have been met, and if so, we will carry out the corrections or erasure as soon as possible.


6.4. You have a right to object to our processing of your personal data.

You have a right to object to our processing of your personal data. You may also object to our disclosure of your data for marketing purposes. You can use the contact information above in item 1 to forward your objection. If your objection is justified, we will stop processing your personal data.


6.5. In some cases, you have a right to receive your data

You have a right to receive the personal data you have provided to us and the data we have collected about you from other actors based on your consent. If we process data about you as part of a contract to which you are a party, you may also receive your data. You are also entitled to transfer such personal data to another service provider.


If you want to make use of your right to data portability, you will receive your personal data from us in a commonly used format.


6.6. You have a right to complain to the Danish Data Protection Agency

Uhrenholt A/S is subject to the provisions on processing of personal data of the personal data legislation (including the EU’s Data Protection Regulation and national personal data legislation).


If you feel that your privacy is being violated during your use of or in connection with other interaction with Uhrenholt A/S, you may complain to the Danish Data Protection Agency about the practice of Uhrenholt A/S.


The contact data of the Data Protection Agency are as follows:


The Danish Data Protection Agency

Borgergade 28, 5.

DK-1300 Copenhagen K

Tel: +45 33 19 32 00 Fax: +45 33 19 32 18



This privacy policy was most recently amended on 25th May 2018