Fruit and Berries

In keeping with our focus on healthy-living, we are offering a range of fruit-based products. Besides an assortment of frozen fruits and berries, this also includes smoothies and dairy-based products.

Frozen Berries

Real Taste - From harvest to frozen within hours. 

Emborg Fresh Frozen berries are selected from farming areas with the best growing conditions. They are picked, washed and frozen within hours after harvest to retain the real taste and nutrients. Perfect for desserts, cakes or healthy, natural and tasty beverages. Currently available in four variants:



Blueberries & Strawberries



Frozen Berries

Emborg U'GO

With Emborg U’GO we offer a tasty new selection of breakfast and dessert products. We named the product U’GO to underline the convenience of the product – a single portion that can be consumed on-the-go. Emborg U’GO comes in three delicious and rich flavours using real fruit:

U’GO Strawberry – a fresh and full taste of strawberries that reminds you of sunshine and summer.
U’GO Peach & Passion – a delicious blend of sweet peach and juicy passion fruit that spoils your taste buds.
U’GO Raspberry – a velvety and sweet taste of raspberries that brings back good memories.

Emborg U'GO

Emborg Protein Smoothies

Uhrenholt has launched a series of protein smoothies to cater to the growing demand for protein beverages. Combined with real fruit, Emborg Protein Smoothie is offered in three delicious and tempting flavours: 

Sweet pineapple and tasty coconut - a tropical mix of sweet pineapple and tasty coconut reminding you of summer and sunshine

Juicy orange and sweet mango - a delicious and smooth mix combining the full flavour of fresh juicy oranges and sweet mangos 

Sweet raspberry and tasty blueberry - a true harmony of sweet juicy berries balancing real raspberry and flavorful blueberries 


Emborg Protein Smoothies