We supply a full range of dairy products sourced from around the world. To obtain the best quality, we aim to source cheese from local origin. All products are packaged in various shapes and sizes according to consumer and market needs.

Milk and Yogurt

A broad selection of milk - Full cream, Skimmed and Low Fat as well as Natural Yogurt available in 1 litre packaging.

Milk Powder

Instant and regular, skimmed milk powder, casein, whey powder, WPC, MPC, lactose and fat filled milk powder with vegetable oil. Various sizes from 500 g to 25 kg bags are available.


A broad range of organic and specialty cheeses offered in partnership with our organic suppliers. A small selection of Vegan cheese is also available.

Dairy products for all purposes

We supply retail, foodservice and wholesale businesses with dairy products to suit the specific needs of our partners.

For the dairy industry, we supply a full range of cheeses and butter ideal for manufacturers of e.g. processed cheese, cheese powder, ready meals, and sliced and shredded cheese.

Trading in dairy commodities has a long and important history within Uhrenholt. We are continuously striving to strengthen the business, which today covers a broad range of commodity products: Whole milk powder, instant and regular skimmed milk powder, whey powder (sweet whey and demineralized whey), fat filled milk powder (instant and regular) and butter.

Dairy products for all purposes

Cheese from Denmark’s Best Organic Dairies

The food conscious consumers of tomorrow will place even greater demands on organic products than we see today. Organic food production is no longer limited to the sheer cultivation of natural foods – it has expanded to also involve every single part of the value chain, making sure that all parties live up to the organic principles. Danish organic dairies operate under some of the world’s strictest standards. In return, we deliver top-class organic dairy products. 

Uhrenholt works together with some of Denmark’s oldest and most competent organic dairies. They are the spearheads in Danish organics and have thorough knowledge of market demands both today and in five years. Their expertise combined with Uhrenholt’s logistical setup, understanding of local market needs, and partner network in export markets make it easy and efficient to provide the world’s best organic food solutions that bring value to your business. 

Cheese from Denmark’s Best Organic Dairies

Rich in Taste - Source of Calcium

Emborg Natural Cheese Slices are delicious and nutritious, providing a delightful taste experience. Emborg Natural Cheese Slices contains a high source of calcium and vitamins, which are important for you to stay healthy.

Calcium boosts the immune system and ensures strong and healthy bones. Vitamin D helps you to absorb and use the calcium consumed to regulate the immune system.


Rich in Taste - Source of Calcium

Moving into the Light Category

We are expanding our Emborg assortment by introducing a new product category - Light.

There is a general growing demand for products with fewer calories and this tendency is increasing rapidly in Asia. We are meeting this demand by moving into the light category and launching the new Emborg Cream Cheese Light. This is our first low calorie product and we have high expectations. 

Despite fewer calories, Emborg Cream Cheese Light has a delicious and creamy flavour that our consumers love. Our cream cheese assortment now covers both our original Emborg Cream Cheese and our new Emborg Cream Cheese Light.


Moving into the Light Category
Per Poulsen
"For inquiries on our dairy assortment"
Per Poulsen Director, Dairy Consumer +45 64 212 228

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