We supply a new range of 100% plant-based products including meat-free burger patties, mince, strips and nuggets along with dairy-free blocks and slices. Our plant-based range satisfies the needs of the modern consumer who consider eating green an essential part of their lifestyle.

Meat-Free Burger & Mince

Plant-based burger patties and mince full of great taste and nutrients. Consumers get the real experience, just more delicious, juicy & 100% meat-free.

Chick-Free Strips & Nuggets

Plant-based Chick-free strips & nuggets made from mainly pea protein, water, and rape seed oil not only taste amazing, they also contain an astonishing amount of protein.

Plant-based Slices

Plant-based slices are full of flavour and creamy texture that is ideal on toasted bread and in warm sandwiches. The slices come in a variety of delicious flavours.

Plant-based Blocks

Plant-based blocks have a mild and creamy flavour and with their firm texture and great meltability, these blocks are the ideal components in both hot and cold dishes.

100% Plant-based Meat Alternatives

Our new Plant-based Meat-Alternatives offer high-quality meat-free products without compromising on taste and texture, whether you are in the need of burger patties, mince, nuggets or strips.

We understand that taste is key when it comes to plant-based products. We have therefore selected the best possible ingredients, and combined with our European production methods, we guarantee an authentic taste experience in the form of rich flavour and juicy texture. No meat – but still full of taste.

Read more about Emborg's range here.

100% Plant-based Meat Alternatives

100% Plant-based Alternatives to Cheese

Our new and delicious Plant-based assortment enables consumers to enjoy healthy, high-quality products filled with rich flavour and smooth texture.

The range includes Original, Cheddar- and Mozzarella-style plant-based slices and blocks which are highly versatile and perfect for completing any meal, whether hot or cold.

Furthermore, our Plant-based range is also gluten and soy free – what is not to like?

Read more about Emborg's range here.

100% Plant-based Alternatives to Cheese
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