Uhrenholt in Africa

We distribute our products to more than 30 countries in Africa. Dedicated employees and distributors work daily to deliver dairy and frozen vegetables to a growing number of consumers across the continent.

Emborg in Africa

The Emborg brand has been present in Africa for over 30 years. In both the dairy and the frozen vegetable category, the brand enjoys a leading market position in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Mauritius, Seychelles, Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea.

During 2014 and 2015, Uhrenholt further built its presence to cover Senegal, Ivory Coast, South Africa, Namibia, Angola and Zimbabwe. Emborg is now a fixed part of the dairy assortment in these countries and give consumers a consistent high quality range of dairy products that can be bought on an everyday basis.

Unbroken Cold Chain

An unbroken cold chain project was launched in 2012 and as of year-end 2014 freezers have been distributed to local business partners in 11 countries. The unbroken cold chain project aims at:

  • Improving food safety and developing access to the market
  • Allowing the retail stores to store frozen products correctly and offer products from an un-broken cold chain
  • Allowing our local business partners to offer a broader range of products which are stored correctly and with due respect to food safety principles
  • Supplying freezers that have been assessed from an environmental view to avoid excessive electricity consumption
  • Providing freezers that are purchased and serviced locally


Emborg Introduced in Lybia

Lybia is a promising new market for Emborg due to the demand for our frozen vegetables. In order to gain access to the retail market, Uhrenholt has started cooperation with the largest FMCG distributor in the country, HB Group.

Libya is an important emerging market with enormous potential as the Libyan people embark on the task of rebuilding their economy. Resources are on the rise, and we hope to cater to increasing demands for high quality food products.  


Cream Cheese Demonstration in Ghana

Sampling demonstrations are a great way to let consumers try our products in a retail setting, where the product can easily be purchased. These photos are from an Emborg Cream Cheese sampling held in retail stores in Ghana. The advantage is that we can provide consumers with the great taste of our Emborg Cream Cheese whilst at the same time receiving their immediate feedback.



Campaign in Shoprite

To support the introduction of Emborg in South African, Uhrenholt ran an in-store campaign in the top 50 speciality cheese stores of Shoprite. The campaign covered both in-store POS material, product sampling and a cheese and wine co-promotion.

Uhrenholt wishes to offer quality cheese at affordable prices. By engaging with consumers through sampling and campaign promotions, Uhrenholt hopes to increase awareness and optimise market growth.



Overcoming Rules and Regulations

One of the major challenges in supplying to Africa is the amount of paperwork necessary to get goods into the country in question. No two shipments are alike as each country has their unique rules and regulations covering licenses, imports permits, ingredient specifications, veterinary certificates and more. Each shipment typically carries more than 30 pages of documentation, which is handled by dedicated back-office sales coordinators, who are experts at extracting the necessary information from internal and external stakeholders. The key is getting the right information at the right time and having control mechanisms in place in order to act quickly and ensure that goods reach their destination on time as promised to our partners. We have a proven track record and are proud of it!

Linda Friis
"For inquiries regarding Africa"
Linda Friis Senior Sales Coordinator, Middle East and Africa +45 96 376 317

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