Uhrenholt in the Middle East

Emborg has a strong position throughout the region, where it was introduced over 50 years ago.
Thanks to the dedication and long term cooperation with the many distribution partners, Emborg is today a market leader in both dairy and frozen vegetables.

Emborg in the Middle East

Emborg has been present in the Middle East since the early 1960’s. Today, the brand is dominant in the frozen vegetable category and has a growing presence in dairy. Our strategy has been to dominate retail counters with our signature purple packaging and broad assortment. We rely on a close collaboration with our distributors, who help us succeed with this strategy. We have also forged strong partnerships with our frozen vegetable suppliers in order to offer a wide range of food products that in some cases are tailored specifically to the region. This means the Emborg brand has gone from strength to strength – particularly in United Arab Emirates, where Nielsen figures put the brand at no.2 in the market and Superbrands have rewarded Emborg almost every year since 2011.

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Awarded Superbrand

Emborg has been a well-known premium brand in the United Arabic Emirates for decades and was in 2001 awarded the prestigious status of Superbrand for the first time. The Superbrands organisation is acknowledged worldwide for being an independent authority and arbiter of branding excellence and is committed to paying tribute to exceptional brands and promoting the discipline of branding. In 2011, Emborg was again awarded Superbrand status as well as the following years 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015. With pride, we can now say that Emborg has been awarded Superbrand again in 2017. We have previously in cooperation with the Superbrands organisation, chosen to bring our representation in the Superbrands book as well as this video animation.

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Fresh Frozen in United Arab Emirates

The Emborg brand is strong in frozen vegetables. In an attempt to further elaborate on our ‘Fresh Frozen’ claim, we activated a large part of the modern trade in UAE with floor stickers, gondola branding and ‘on-pack’ communication booklets.

To attract consumers into the frozen vegetables category, we installed iPads near the Emborg branded gondolas, showing our Fresh Frozen movie.

The campaign was supported by promoters, dressed in purple Emborg t-shirts, who explained the concept behind ‘Fresh Frozen’ to consumers.

Emborg nr. 2 in UAE

According to research company AC Nielsen, Emborg is now the no. 2 brand in United Arab Emirates within the frozen vegetable category. The Emborg brand has been gaining in strength continuously over the past few years, which means that retailers support and want to invest in the brand further.

During the last few days of the holy month of Ramadan, retailers discount select products and brands in order to drive sales. It is therefore a privilege that Carrefour has chosen Emborg amongst others for their Ramadan promotion across all their stores in the market. The effect is instant as a new “all time high” sales record has been reached. 

Emborg in Pakistan

Uhrenholt ventured into Pakistan in 2012 and sales have since grown at a fast pace with the dedicated help of our distributor. Pakistan is a growing market with a fully modern retail scene in the major cities of Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. International retailers such as Metro and Carrefour have entered the market and established their presence allowing optimal exposure for well-known brands such as Emborg.

Our products have pride of place in both the chilled and frozen food sections supported by eye-catching Point of Sales material. Furthermore, we are building the brand towards consumers through endorsements with cooking shows and celebrity chefs as well as a Pakistan International Airways in-flight meals that serve Emborg portion butter. We have high hopes for this market as well as other key markets on the Indian sub-continent. 



Lunch Box Activation in Bahrain

In order to promote our range of Dairy products targeted mothers and children in Bahrain, we used our life size Power Panda Mascot to distribute 1000 Emborg Power Panda lunch boxes each containing 2 x 200g Emborg Power Panda Sandwich Cheese.

Customers could sign up for a free photo session with Power Panda, who won the hearts of consumers during the promotion period. Look out for Power Panda who will be visiting other markets in future...


Country of Origin

Country of Origin is not always as it seems! At least requirements to health certificates can prove very demanding. More than once, our sales coordinators have saved the day by obtaining the necessary health certificates and veterinary stamps on goods bound for the Middle East and Africa. Specification needs may vary depending on where ingredients originate versus the processing location of the final product as was the case with a shipment to Egypt. Thanks to quick thinking and collaboration with suppliers, a pre-export certificate was obtained indicating ingredient country of origin in addition to the final shipment documents with supplier country of origin. The challenge is not bending the rules, but finding ways around them that satisfy all parties. At Uhrenholt, we excel at finding solutions to problems. 

Country of Origin
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